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    About Meredith

    Meredith Strauss,


    Founder of Light Street Psychotherapy


    At Light Street Psychotherapy we work with adults, adolescents and their families who suffer from trauma, anxiety, depression, Dissociative Identity Disorder, divorce, relationship issues and anger management. Meredith’s therapeutic approach helps clients learn the skills to stay centered in a stressful and fast paced world. She finds appropriate solutions to problems and enhances interpersonal relationships.


    At Light Street we are a collaborative team. We work closely with schools, providing psychiatrists, learning specialists, behaviorists, and other healthcare providers. In addition, we meet as a team to discuss cases in order to provide the best care possible.


    Meredith earned her BA from Washington University in St. Louis and her graduate degree with honors from Rutgers University where she received her Masters in Social Work. She merges eastern psychotherapy approaches with traditional western psychology to create an innovative, holistic approach toward healing.


    Meredith specializes in trauma. She helps individual who have experienced any kind of trauma (sexual abuse, physical abuse, grief, domestic violence, traumatic car accident, medical trauma, childhood developmental or attachment trauma) She is certified in both IFS (Level 3) and EMDR. She also is a Program Assistant at IFS trainings and has a deep connection to the Internal Family Systems Model.


    Meredith has a passion for working with teenagers and college aged young adults to help them improve social skills, self esteem, find their purpose and improve relationships with peers and family members.


    Meredith uses a wide variety of treatment modalities and interventions that are client specific which include:

    Internal Family Systems


    Interpersonal Therapy

    Couples counseling

    Family Therapy (trained in Structural Family Therapy)

    Short-term solution focused therapy

    Parent coaching & training

    Yoga Psychology