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    About Gina

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    Gina Totino, LCSW

    Partner at Light Street psychotherapy

    Gina Totino, LCSW, believes balance in one’s life leads to clarity and inner peace. She uses an integrative approach of evidence-based modalities to address each client as a unique self. Her hope is that she can authentically assist her clients to achieve their goals and appreciate the value of their lives.


    Using the foundation of mindfulness, Gina collaborates with her clients to understand and improve both their intra and interpersonal relationships. Her work is guided by how emotions affect behavior as she assists clients in building an emotional intelligence to discover their answers and truths. Behavior is our first language and Gina enjoys decoding this language with her clients to create a more peaceful and calm sense of being. Working with clients to better understand and regulate their emotions, she assists them to respond versus react and to be curious rather than judgmental, and to engage in relationships more effectively. She helps clients to understand the difference between guilt and shame, envy and jealousy, anger, and anxiety and, other emotions to reinforce why this understanding matters.


    Gina’s therapeutic approach is informed by Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). She received her training through Behavior Tech, the training institute created by the founder, Marsha Linehan PhD of this evidence-based model. Gina takes the foundation and strategies of DBT and uses it to help clients reach their goals. Gina can integrate other modalities when clinically appropriate such as, EMDR, relational therapy, and informed internal family systems to help ensure client’s individual needs are met. She has a strong interest and experience in working with men and couples.