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    About Debbie

    Debbie Goodman, LSW

    Debbie Goodman is a Licensed Social Worker who is committed to providing her clients with a compassionate and non-judgmental space to help heal emotional wounds and create satisfying relationships.


    Debbie’s therapeutic approach is informed by the Internal Family Systems model of psychotherapy. In addition, she draws from a range of evidence-based, therapeutic modalities including Psychodynamic therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT), and Mindfulness based practices. She works closely with her clients to determine the most effective treatment approach that best meets their individual needs.


    Debbie’s training in Family Systems therapy, supports her belief that healthy and supportive relationships are important to maintaining emotional well-being. She helps her clients gain insight into the dysfunctional patterns that have emerged in their relationships and to find new ways of relating resulting in less reactivity and more positivity.


    Debbie specializes in working with families, couples, and individuals navigate challenging life transitions, such as separation and divorce, loss of a loved one, and career changes. She particularly enjoys working with adolescents and young adults as they navigate the challenges of peer relationships, dating, educational and/or career choices while they explore their sense of purpose.


    Debbie received her Masters of Social Work degree from NYU Silver School of Social Work. She brings a warm, genuine, humorous, and at times direct style to the therapy room.